Study: A Designer Purse Can Prevent Women From Flirting With Your Man

Updated: 07/24/2013 9:47 PM By: Ellen McNamara

Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, and Coach. The names mean different things to different people. If you are someone who likes handbags, you know they are expensive.

Now, new research from the University of Minnesota may explain why some buy the luxury brands.

Many of us are guilty of checking out other people, not because we are physically attracted to them, but because we are drawn to their flashy clothes, cars, even their sunglasses.

This study released by The Carlson School of Management, says that a number of women check out designer handbags that other women are carrying. It also found that after a woman's designer handbag is spotted, it is then assumed that if a woman is in a committed relationship, she has a devoted partner.

Even if the woman purchased the bag with her own money, it is also assumed that her partner likely helped her in some way obtain the luxury product.

Part of the study also included an exercise that made one group of women jealous, by having them imagine that someone was flirting with their partner.

In response to that jealousy, the women who felt threatened, drew huge designer logos on drawings of blank purses.

The group that was just given a drawing of a blank purse, only drew a small logo on the purse.

The studies co-author said for the most part, men could care less about what kind of purse a woman carries.

"If you think about it in daily life, men are always confused about women's products," Yajin Wang said. "That makes sense if you think about it in this context. Women are buying these things not to impress them (men), they're trying to impress their female friends."

The study was published after a series of five experiments, and it involved nearly 650 women. The university says, designer purses are a $250 billion a year industry.

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