You Solve: Still No Charges in 2012 Death of Retired Teacher

Updated: 07/30/2013 7:29 AM By: Cassie Hart

Minneapolis Police believe there is a killer living in the city after 76-year-old Lois Swenson was murdered, and they are hoping the public might be able to help them solve the case.

Swenson was a retired teacher and a fighter for social justice both in her North Minneapolis neighborhood and across the entire city.

Her friend Joe Hesla often worked with her and was stunned to learn of her death.

"It was quite a shock of course. She wouldn't be the person you'd suspect to be murdered because she was such a loving person and a committed person to her neighborhood and community," Hesla said.

Lois had a kind heart and sometimes let refugees and those down on their luck live with her at her home. That is likely what opened the door to her murder.

Lois had a man living with her in the spring of 2012. She told friends she did not feel comfortable with him. He moved out, but then no one had seen Lois in a number of days.

Police went to her home in June of 2012 and found her beaten to death.

"This is probably one of the more frustrating cases I’ve worked on," Minneapolis Police Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman said. He has worked the case with two other detectives for more than a year.

"We're so close... but we need a little bit more to charge him.”

Lieutenant Zimmerman can't name that suspect but says anyone who knew Swenson well would know who he is.

“He refuses to cooperate with police," Zimmerman said.

He said the man was stopped at the airport and was trying to leave the country with a large amount of cash.

If you have information that can help solve this case, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.