Reports of 'Unpleasant Atmosphere' Close Pet Store in Shakopee

Updated: 07/31/2013 2:21 PM By: Todd Wilson

A man claiming to be the brother of Ed Dressen, the owner of Eagle Pet Center in Shakopee, didn't want to talk to KSTP about his brother's shop closing but said all the animals are going.

A spokesperson for the non-profit Minnesota Federated Humane Societies says they've been getting complaints for several years about the store, and the situation has become worse in the past six months.
"There's been no power for a week, so there's been no electricity. There's water dripping from the ceiling, there's water on the floor, there's electrical cords all over. It's dark, dank, a tremendous smell of mold. It's just an unpleasant atmosphere for animals," Timothy Shields of Minnesota Federated Humane Society said.    

Shields says he's glad Dressen finally agreed to give up the animals. If he didn't, the group was going to try to get a warrant to remove them.

The animals were caged and carried out of the store Tuesday. First it was a bird, a number of rabbits, rats and even a piranha. Around 75 animals were brought out of the store.

A woman stopped by for bird food, and she just found out the store is closing. "They were really great to have in town, convenient, close by, it's terrible," Hayley White said.     
The Humane Society of Golden Valley and Shakopee Police inspected the store on Friday. Both say they didn't find anything criminal. But, Shields said something had to be done.