COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: Turbo: Super Stunt Squad

Created: 08/02/2013 9:27 AM By: Aaron Chalich

This past week I received a review copy of D3Publisher’s “Turbo: Super Stunt Squad” for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. 
“Turbo: Super Stunt Squad” is based on DreamWorks new animated film that was just released in theaters. 
In both games, you control one of five different characters (Turbo, Whiplash, Smooth Move, Skid Mark or Burn) and they all have their own unique characteristics and special moves. 
The Wii U version and the DS version are two completely different games, so I am going to talk about each one separately.

In “Turbo” for the Wii U you can choose one of the five characters and you must use your unique skills to find and collect power ups by jumping, drifting, sliding and flipping through six enormous levels. 
“Turbo” is more like a free style skating game.  In each level, you must try and complete a certain amount of objectives to advance to the next level.  You are timed and the game is over when the time runs out, so you must try and find all of the power ups very quickly.

One nice thing is that when you complete an objective, you will not have to do it again, so you can move on to the next objective or try to get to a new part of the level.

At the beginning of each level you do get to select if you want to play the level timed or in free play.  The free play is nice, because you can practice all of your moves and get used to all of the obstacles.  
The controls are really smooth and easy to learn.  There is a tutorial that you can choose to go through on the main menu and it will walk you through all of the moves and techniques that you will need to use.  It was very easy to understand. I think most people will pick up on it right away.

The graphics are really amazing.  You swear you are watching the animated film.  All of the levels are very detailed and the characters look great.

One really fun feature is that you can play two players and compete against each other. 
There are a ton of bonus features that really add to the game.  As you are playing, you can unlock and upgrade new abilities for each character, plus you can get new shells, stickers and paint jobs.   
There are also awards that you can earn.  Whenever you complete an objective or do something special you will get an award for it.  There are a ton of these so it will be a lot of fun to try and get all of them. 
Another really neat feature is that you can take a snapshot of the screen while you are playing.  When you do a really cool move you can tap the game pad to take a photo. The photo is then saved in a photo album. 

“Turbo” for the Nintendo DS is a very different game.  It is strictly a racing game.  

You can choose one of the five characters (Turbo, Smooth Move, Whiplash, Skid Mark or Burn) and then you can choose from three different modes to play. 
There is a “tournament” mode where you must win each race to advance.  Then there’s “time trial” mode where you have to complete the course in a certain amount of time.  The last mode is “quick play” and you can choose from 15 different courses to race on.

The graphics are pretty good. I played “Turbo” on my 3DS and the game looked great.

The controls are easy to learn and everyone will be able to pick up “Turbo” and play it.  At first the controls seemed a little stiff, but after playing for a little while, I adjusted and was able to win a bunch of races. 
Overall I really enjoyed D3Publisher’s “Turbo: Super Stunt Squad” for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo DS.  The controls were really easy to learn and anybody can pick up both games and learn how to play them right way.  The graphics for the Wii U were amazing and the DS graphics were pretty good as well.  Both of these games would be great for families to play together or for younger kids. I have a younger daughter and she loved the game.  I would highly recommend that you check out D3Publisher’s “Turbo: Super Stunt Squad.”

I got the opportunity to interview Steve Baldoni, who is the Executive Producer of “Turbo” at D3Publisher.  Click on the video viewer at the top of the page to listen to it.

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