2nd Internal Investigation of MPD Officers Using Racial Slurs

Updated: 08/03/2013 2:01 PM KSTP.com By: Ellen Galles

The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating three of it's own.  It's the second time a case like this has come to light in recent weeks.

According to reports from the Apple Valley Police Department, Officers William Woodis, Christopher Bennett, and Andrew Allen are accused of starting a bar brawl and using racial slurs against a group of black men at a bar in Apple Valley.

The complaint says that one of the off-duty officers used the "n-word" and said "your kind aren't welcome here."

In a statement released Friday Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau said "there is no place for racism or discrimination of any kind within the MPD.  It will not be tolerated, period."

An attorney for the three MPD officers admits his clients were in a bar brawl, but he says they didn't start it.  He also says all three of them deny any allegations about racial language.

Two of the three officers pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct back in June, the assault charges and damage to property charges initially filed against them were dropped.  All charges were dismissed against Officer Andrew Allen.