More Minnesotans Buying Cargo Bikes

Updated: 08/04/2013 10:18 AM By: Josh Rosenthal

We've got plenty of bikes in the Twin Cities, but there's a certain type of bike that's becoming more and more popular.

As Varsity Bike Shop Owner Rob Dehoff said, "we've sold as many cargo bikes this year as we had in the last five years combined."

Dehoff's kids, Toby and Sophie, are fixtures in his cargo bike. Employee and fellow cargo bike enthusiast Sam Golden is a little more versatile. Among the things he carries in his cargo bike: beer, friends with broken arms and his girlfriend.

"You can carry anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want," he said.

Cargo bikes have been around for about five years, but if you're noticing more of them now, that's not a coincidence.

"This is the year that they actually like seemed to catch on," Dehoff said. "People actually realized that -- hey this works."

He says he mostly sells them to families who only want to own one car. They can carry as many children, groceries, tools -- whatever -- as you can pull.

"The kids love it. The kids to be honest are our number one sales people," Dehoff admitted. "Like we get a kid to ride in it with their parents and we don't have to do anything after that point."

The rise in sales is expected to continue, and if you're worried about the kids staying safe, the Dehoff's do have some rules. Number one -- in their words -- no wiggle wobbling.

"And the second and most important rule," explained Toby and Sophie, "is waive to everyone."

Cargo bikes typically cost between $1000 and $3000, depending on which kind you buy.