Union Supports Review of MPD Hiring Practices after Slurs

Updated: 08/05/2013 7:04 AM KSTP.com By: Cassie Hart

For the first time in the nine days since the scandal surrounding the alleged use of racial slurs by Minneapolis police officers broke on July 26, the union that represents the force's 850 or so officers is commenting publicly.

The Minneapolis Police Federation issued a statement declaring there is "no place" in the department for "racist and bigoted officers," and supporting a review of MPD hiring practices "to ensure that we hire officers who understand that racism and discrimination of any kind within MPD will not be tolerated."

Minneapolis officers Brian Thole and Shawn Powell have been placed on administrative leave following the incident on July 26. They are accused of making racially and sexually derogatory statements that were so offensive, sources say, that fellow cops in Wisconsin reported them to the Minneapolis Police Department.

Read the statement here.