COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: Deadpool PS3 Review

Created: 08/09/2013 1:24 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo: Photo Courtesy Activision

I just played one of the craziest games that I have ever played.  I must say that it is extremely fun and very addicting.  What is this game you might ask?

Well, it’s Activision’s “Deadpool” for the PS3. 
I am a huge fan of the Marvel “Deadpool” comics, and when I received a PSN code to download the game for review I was very excited. 
Deadpool is a smart mouth, trash talking, mercenary that has the ability to heal himself whenever he is injured.  Deadpool is virtually indestructible.  

He also hears voices in his head and he talks to himself a lot. 
The comic is very violent and hilarious, and Activision’s “Deadpool” is no different. 
I really thought the story of “Deadpool” was great and very unique.  You play as Deadpool and he wants to star in the greatest video game ever about him.  To make that happen he kidnaps all of the employees of the video game company and forces them to start making the game.  Deadpool gets the script and starts reading it. In the script for the game, Deadpool is supposed to go on a mission to assassinate a media mogul named Chance White.  You go to the network that Chance owns and you kill all of the guards and you end up falling out a window with Chance into the sewers.  Mister Sinister shows up and kills Chance and you learn that Mister Sinister has total control of Chance White’s satellites.  Deadpool is now upset because Chance White was his contract and Mister Sinister stole that from him.  Deadpool becomes very angry and wants revenge on Mister Sinister.

I can’t stress enough how hilarious this game is.  There are nonstop jokes and wise cracks.  You just never know what Deadpool will do or say next. 
The graphics are amazing.  All of the characters and backgrounds are very detailed and the cut scenes are astounding. 

As you are fighting enemies, you can dismember and decapitate them with your swords.  The dismemberment scenes were very detailed and you can tell that the graphic designers spent a lot of time on this. 
The controls are very easy to learn and as you start the game there is an in game tutorial that explains everything in great detail. I feel that the game does a great job of this. 
Deadpool is a beat em’ up game where you can do a number of different attacks.  You can do light and heavy attacks, plus you can use many different weapons like guns and bear traps.  You can link all of your moves together to form combo chains.  The more hits you do in a row the more Deadpool points you earn.  You then can use the Deadpool points to upgrade your weapons and abilities. 
One thing that I really liked was the fact that Deadpool can gain all of his health back with his healing power.  If you take a lot of damage you can gain all of your health back if you run around and avoid getting hit by enemies.  This was really helpful when you are fighting really strong enemies or bosses.  Believe me, I took total advantage of this.

Another helpful ability that Deadpool has is the ability to teleport. If you get into a situation where you are surrounded by enemies, you can teleport to safety.  This also helps if you fall off a ledge.  You can teleport back to the ledge you just fell off of. 
Deadpool can also perform stealth attacks.  If he sneaks up on an enemy, he can perform a special attack that is very brutal and instantly kills the enemy.

There are also challenges that you can play.  Each challenge has their own objective and if you do it in a certain amount of time you get a medal. If you complete each challenge with a gold medal you will unlock additional costumes/skins for Deadpool. 
There is also an extras menu where you can look at some of the bios of the characters in the game. For instance, you can see Wolverines bio.  Once you select it, a video appears and it is narrated by Deadpool telling you about that particular character.

Overall, I really enjoyed Activision’s “Deadpool” for the PS3. The story is very clever and well written.  The gameplay is very smooth and the controls are extremely easy to learn. I don’t want to spoil anything but there’s also cameos by some of the X-men characters which is pretty awesome.  I know that fans of Deadpool will really enjoy this game and people who are looking for a fun and exciting game will also enjoy it.  “Deadpool”  is rated “M” for blood and gore, intense violence, mature humor, sexual content and strong language.

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