Weekend Box Office August 16

Updated: 08/16/2013 1:47 PM KSTP.com By: Jenna Jaynes

Now playing, the man behind the tech empire, the return of everyday super heroes and an eyewitness to history.

Asthon Kutcher takes on the role of college dropout turned entrepreneur Steve Jobs in "Jobs." The film follows Jobs' life throughout his time at Apple.

The everyday costumed crime fighters return to the big screen in "Kick-Ass 2." The team of super heroes continues to grow when Red Mist assembles a team of evil-doers for revenge.

And look for Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey in Lee Daniel's "The Butler." The movie traces the changes to American Society across the lifespan of eight presidents, all through the eyes of a butler at the White House.

Casey Messer, host of The Reelz Show, gives you a preview of what's hot at the box office this weekend.

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