Witnesses Talk About Coming to Aid of Child Run Over by Train

Updated: 08/19/2013 8:19 PM KSTP.com By: Ellen Galles

A 9-year-old St. Paul boy is in fair condition Monday at Gillette Children's Hospital after losing both his feet in a train accident last week. 

It happened Thursday night off West Ivy Avenue in St. Paul.

Witnesses say Marshawn Farr-Robinson was trying to climb the ladder of a slow-moving train, when he slipped, and it rolled over his feet.

Luckily neighbors saw the accident and called for help. Fifteen-year-old Jane Thornton stayed with the injured child, holding his hand and trying to keep him calm.

"I kept asking him what his name was, what his birthday was. He answered everything. I was amazed at how alert he was. It's a miracle, " she said.

Police say no foul play is suspected in this case.

Another witness said he picked up the boy's severed feet and gave them to police, hoping that they could be reattached.

Police said the boy was by himself when he was hit by the train.

Burlington Northern owns the track, and a Canadian Pacific train hit the boy.