Winona State Offers Counseling, Support for Egyptian Students

Updated: 08/17/2013 9:47 AM By: Joy Lim Nakrin

Winona State University has counseling and trauma support services standing by for students making their way from Egypt.

According to International Services Director Kemale Pinar, the school has 11 Egyptian students enrolled this semester. Four were en route Friday night says Pinar who added, "with the curfew they were not allowed to get out and there were also delays so they had to reschedule the flights out of Egypt."

Three students arrived Wednesday, three others arrived earlier this summer. One student is expected later this month.

Once all students arrive, Pinar adds "they will be worried about their families back home. It was also a major event that took place in Egypt and I think these students will need more care and attention when they arrive here.

Nabih Elteir was the first Egyptian student enrolled at Winona State University. This year will be his third at the school. He says he's concerned for his family and friends back home, adding "I'm feeling like helpless about not being able to do something."