Ride Assembly Under Way at Minnesota State Fair

Updated: 08/21/2013 6:26 AM KSTP.com By: Jessica Miles

 We are just two days away from the start of the Minnesota State Fair, and rides are rolling in and being put together.

Every ride is inspected once it enters the fairgrounds. It's a long process that is done in phases. "We look at them while they are in racks on the trucks, as they take them apart and put down the foundations and as they are working their way up, we inspect the whole process until they are completely assembled," says Joe Bixler who manages ride safety at the fair.

People who work on the rides generally work in shifts of 30 minutes to avoid fatigue.

Also, music is monitored because if the music is too loud, workers can't hear if there are problems with the ride or riders.

The Minnesota State Fair starts Thursday, Aug. 22, and runs through Labor Day.