N. Mpls. Triple Shooting Location had 29 Calls for Service

Updated: 08/22/2013 7:44 AM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Neighbors in North Minneapolis are outraged after gunfire hit three family members Tuesday, including a pregnant woman and a toddler.

Family members tell KSTP that 14-month-old Mykaliah Smith, 17-year-old Javar Smith and 19-year-old Trenay Garner all suffered non-life threatening injuries in the shooting. They say Garner is pregnant.

A woman who identifies herself as T.T. says she was there when the bullets started flying. "What type of person would still shoot over this way, and you see babies out here," she said.

T.T. was just standing on the stoop with some friends having a good time, she said. That's when she noticed a guy who was standing next to a tree across the street, but she didn't pay attention to him - that is until he raised his arm and started shooting. 

"I said something to my nephew like 'run.' And he just started shooting, pow, pow, pow," she said.

When the shooting stopped, she checked on her family members. Her cousin, Smith, was bleeding from his leg.

"That's when I looked past and saw the pregnant one ... my other cousin (Garner) bleeding from her thigh," T.T. said.

Mykaliah also was hit. "She was bleeding from the chest," T.T. said.

Jamil Jackson is a mentor to Smith. He says he's good kid.

KSTP has learned this is not the first incident where a shooting occurred on Lyndale Avenue North. Police say they have had 29 calls for service there. The calls range from shooting and domestic abuse to tenant problems.

Police believe the shooter is a male. As of Wednesday, police had no suspect in custody.

Garner and Smith have been released from the hospital. Mykaliah remains at North Memorial Medical Center.