Governor's Fire Prevention Day Timely with Rising Temps

Updated: 08/23/2013 9:48 PM By: Katherine Johnson

Photo: MGN Online
Photo: MGN Online

Temperatures are up in Minnesota - and so is the risk of fires in the state.

Department of Natural Resources officials say most of the fires they've seen are started when mowers, four wheelers and agriculture equipment spark in the dry grass. 

On Friday, the Minnesota State Fair celebrated the Governor's Fire Prevention Day, bringing awareness to the dry weather and sharing safety tips with fairgoers.

"When you get rid of people, you quit having fires because most fires are caused by the dumb things we do as people," said a firefighter during the State Fair demonstration.

We're about to head into a five-day stretch of 90-plus temperatures that could put this year's State Fair into the record books. But it's the dry and hot past few weeks that make firefighters like DNR Forestry Supervisor Don Mueller worried.

"We're starting to see more and more fires," he said. "So far they've been small, but we are starting to see things popping up more and more often here across the last couple of weeks."

The most dangerous spots in the state include anything and everything northwest of Bemidji. But even central and southern Minnesota's risk grows by the day.

"It just makes it all that more important that we have days like this so that the public gets a good understanding of the dangers that the sun as well as just dry conditions can cause," said Dan Bernardy, who organized the Governor's Fire Prevention Day.

DNR officials warn, if you're heading up north to your cabin this weekend, be extra careful and bring extra water for your campfires.