Local Farmers, Chefs Create Homegrown Treats at State Fair

Updated: 08/26/2013 7:33 AM KSTP.com By: Naomi Pescovitz

If you thought everything delicious at the Minnesota State Fair came fried or on a stick, think again. On Sunday, local farmers and chefs joined forces to create homegrown Minnesota delicacies in Carousel Park.

Minnesota Farmers Union hosted the 11th annual Minnesota Cooks event, where chefs whipped up treats like gourmet pizza and chickpea crepes, all with farm-fresh ingredients. Farmers sat on stage as official tasters.

"This is a showcase of connecting with consumers, with farmers and chefs, and bringing probably the best, most wholesome food that we can produce in Minnesota," said Doug Peterson, President of Minnesota Farmers Union.

"We sell one pizza, we're not the only benefactors. We also are able to give the credit to the farmers that we're working with and so on any given pizza we might use five different farms, five different ingredients," said Steve Lott with Big River Pizza. Lott used several local ingredients including meats from Sunshine Harvest Farm.

"This isn't the fat, the salt and the water. This is the food that is prepared by people who have the appreciation of the process, of the growing, and what goes into it," Peterson said.