Study: Most Medications OK While Breastfeeding

Updated: 08/26/2013 7:18 PM By: Jessica Miles

 Ask most moms and they'll tell you they try to stay away from medications while nursing.
But a new study out Monday says moms shouldn't do that.

The study by the American Academy of Pediatrics reveals women can now take most medications without fear they will harm a nursing infant.

Pharmacy paperwork will also now include a new heading called 'lactation'. It will give detailed information about a drug's transfer to breast milk.

Dr. Dana Rae Barr with Hennepin County Medical Center's Richfield Clinic is a family physician and a lactation consultant. She says she gets the question about medications and nursing daily. "A lot of doctors and pharmacists tell moms to pump and dump milk because they are not sure what the right answer is, and instead they could look at the information and see how, in the studies, the level doesn't have an effect, and tell mom to complete the treatment," she says.

Dr. Barr says this is good information that will help new moms make informed decisions.