Minnesotans Offering Support to Syrian Refugees

Updated: 09/01/2013 3:41 PM KSTP.com By: Joy Lim Nakrin

Minnesotans are headed to the Middle East to help refugees from Syria.

The 2.5 year conflict in Syria has forced more than 2 million refugees out of their homeland, many into neighboring Jordan. That's where Minnesotans are offering support.

Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee has been supporting refugee camps in Jordan since February. At least seven Minnesotans have traveled to Jordan as part of their efforts.

St. Cloud native Nick Vangen-Weeks is among them. He says "there's no question the living conditions are atrocious." He adds "It's really important we do everything we can to try to make it better."

Daniel Wordsworth is the President and CEO of the American Refugee Committee. He explains, "what we do are providing things like clean water and sanitation, getting in there and working with young people so they're not idle and they're actually keeping their life going. But also we create safe places for women and children. This is a very, very dangerous environment for those folks."

Vangen-Weeks has made two trips to Jordan this year, and plans to return next week. To learn more about the American Refugee Committee and how you can help, click here