Child Reports Man Tried to Lure Her With Candy in Mpls.

Updated: 08/31/2013 2:17 PM By: Cassie Hart

Photo: MGN Online
Photo: MGN Online

Minneapolis police said a man tried to use candy to lure a 6-year-old girl right outside an elementary school.
It happened around 2:45 p.m. On Friday, behind Green Central Park Elementary School at the intersection of 34th Street East and 3rd Avenue South.
Police said they're still working on a description of the suspect. Meanwhile, they're saying that six-year-old girl did exactly what she was supposed to do.
"Lord knows what he was going to do," said the girl's grandfather, who asked not to be identified.
Her grandfather and cousin showed us the spot -- in a parking lot behind a school -- where they said a suspect tried to lure a six-year-old girl with candy.
"My cousin saw this guy, he's like, 'Come over here, I got some candy,' and then I was like, 'Come on, let's go home,'" the girl's cousin said.
Police are giving them credit for doing exactly that -- running home and telling their parents.
But the suspect got away, adding to their grandfather's anxiety. They live just a block from school, but may not be walking there alone again.
"We're just going to have to pick them up, walk them to school and pick them up, because I think that's the only safe way, and that's sad because this ain't a bad neighborhood," the grandfather said.
Her grandfather says the little girl is shaken, but OK.
"My granddaughter is in the bedroom. Usually, she's running around playing and she wasn't, so she's obviously scared," her grandfather said.
And little Anthony has a message for all kids faced with the same situation.
"They should just run away. They should just go back to their house and tell their parents," the cousin said.
Police said the case will be forwarded to the sex crimes unit.