Beer to be Sold at City-Owned Ice Arena in Richfield

Updated: 09/02/2013 12:25 PM By: Tim Sherno

The city of Richfield will allow beer and wine sales at the city-owned ice arena as part of a deal with the Minnesota Magician Junior League hockey team.

Brandon Klement is the facilities manager at the Richfield Ice Arena, and he says the city will allow beer and wine sales, but the team will manage the operation.

"Changing the ordinance to allow the Minnesota Magicians to pick a vendor to come in to sell the beer -- they would carry the insurance," he said. "It would be someone who already has an on-site intoxicating liquor license, that already has insurance, that already has the trained staff to do so."

According to Klement, the last Junior League team to play in the Twin Cities metro area was the Vulcans back in 2000. Klement says Junior League hockey will attract hockey fans. "The nearest team to here would be the Austin Bruins," he said. "They average anywhere from 1,000 to 1,100 per game."

The city has invested $1.7 million dollars in renovations and upgrades at the ice arena, but says with rent, additional ice time and other sources of income, the project will be revenue-neutral over the 15 year life of the bond.