No Relief from Traffic Headaches as School Begins

Updated: 09/03/2013 7:28 AM By: Josh Rosenthal

Ten-year-old Max and 7-year-old Ana start school Tuesday. Their dad thinks the commute will be ok because most of the roadwork near them already wrapped up.

"Summer was pretty brutal, adding 10, 15 minutes onto my route each day," Tim Blodgett said.

For many, the next few weeks could be even worse.

As Minnesota Department of Transportation spokesperson Kevin Gutknecht explained, "there's always an uptick, a lot more traffic in the system after labor day."

That's because vacations are over, school is back in session, and road work is still in full swing.

"It's work that needs to be done, though, because we need to maintain the system, and the only way to maintain it is to do this work," Gutknecht said.

He added that two potential problem areas to watch out for because of road work are on I-694 between Brooklyn Center and New Brighton, and also on I-35, just south of the I-35W and I-35E split

"I know you're starting the school year, everybody's excited to get there and do what they need to do, but let's be patient," Gutknecht advised.

Patience applies to more than just traffic. Back to Max, he may not sit in a car much this week -- but that might be the least of his problems.

"I'm not the biggest fan of staying in a classroom eight hours a day for nine months," he said.

Traffic or not, he's got a long road ahead.