COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: "Zombies Unbrained" DVD Review

Updated: 09/03/2013 1:34 PM By: Heidi Enninga

Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment

In my opinion, there’s nothing like a good zombie movie, and I actually thought I had seen them all.  That is until I received a review copy of Mill Creek Entertainment’s “12 Film Flesh Fest:  Zombies Unbrained.”

This is Mill Creek Entertainment’s latest DVD collection and it is a must have for every horror movie and zombie fan.

This set contains twelve very creepy and chilling tales about, “the dead returning to life and seeking human victims,” as quoted in “Night of the Living Dead.”

For me, zombie movies are pretty scary.  Just thinking about the dead coming back to life and trying to eat people makes my skin crawl.  No pun intended.

The films included in this hair-raising collection are:
“Carnival of Souls (1962),” “Mutant (1984),” “Dead Men Walk (1943),” “Night of the Living Dead (1968),” “Horror of the Zombies (1974),” “Oasis of the Zombies (1981),”  “House of the Living Dead “1973),” “The Snake People (1968),” “King of the Zombies (1941),” “Teenage Zombies (1959),” “The Last Man On Earth (1960),” and “White Zombie (1932).”

I think that the zombie films that were chosen for the “12 Film Flesh Fest: Zombies Unbrained” were great, and I am very pleased with them.  I think that just about every horror movie and zombie movie fan will also agree with me.

My second favorite movie/horror film of all time is “Night of the Living Dead.”

That movie is just amazing.  It’s about a woman who is visiting a family member’s grave with her brother, and they encounter a man who attacks and kills her brother.  Scared, the woman jumps into the car and ends up crashing it.  She eventually makes it to a farm house and discovers that there are other people there and that the dead are coming back to life and attacking people.  They are trapped in the farmhouse and must try and escape.  It has one of the most shocking and surprise endings. 

The reason that I like it so much is that it scares me.  Not to many movies do, but just the idea of being trapped in a house with hundreds of zombies trying to get in and not being able to run anywhere is terrifying.

One movie in the collection that I had never seen before was “Mutant.”  I really enjoyed this, and it’s about two brothers who are on a road trip. They are run off the road and have to stay in the nearest town.  They soon discover that the townsfolk are being turned into zombies from toxic waste being dumped near the town.  One of the brothers goes missing, and it’s up to the other one, along with the sheriff to find him and try to stop the zombies from taking over the town.

Mill Creek Entertainment’s “12 Film Flesh Fest Zombies Unbrained” is a great DVD collection.  If you are a horror or zombie fan and are looking for something different to watch I would highly recommend “Zombies Unbrained.”   

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