New Website Gives Nutritional Info on School Food

Updated: 09/03/2013 5:47 PM By: Jessica Miles

The St. Paul School District, along with Stillwater schools and Eden Prairie schools are giving students and parents another health tool when it comes to school lunch.

They are launching a website called Nutrislice.  It gives nutritional information, ingredients, photos, descriptions and allergen info on school food.

You can go to your district website, click on the school and then the lunch menu for the month. Each food served is listed with complete nutritional information attached to it, including calories, fat, protein and sodium. You can even find the nutritional information for condiments.

The new federal nutrition program rolled out last year. While many Minnesota districts are sticking with the program and making their food more appetizing, a recent nationwide report found schools are dropping the program, saying their students don't like the meals packed with whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

If students aren't buying the lunch, the schools aren't making money.

The new nutrition guidelines set limits on calories and salt, phase in more whole grains and require that fruit and vegetables be served daily. A typical elementary school meal under the National School Lunch Program consists of whole-wheat cheese pizza, baked sweet potato fries, grape tomatoes with low-fat ranch dip, applesauce and 1 percent milk. 

A free app for iPhone and Android phones can be found at School Lunch by Nutrislice.