'Operation Blue Wave' Helps Cut Crime in St. Paul

Updated: 09/04/2013 7:37 AM KSTP.com By: Jay Kolls

A recent rash of crime on St. Paul's East Side lead police to beef up their presence there.

Police moved an extra 20 officers to the East Side, calling it "Operation Blue Wave." Those extra officers came from the Central and Western Districts.

The idea was to expand police presence on the streets and combat gang violence with more manpower and communication in the neighborhoods. The areas most affected are Dayton's Bluff, Greater East Side and Payne-Phalen neighborhoods.

We checked and total crimes from July 18 through Aug. 11 for those neighborhoods were 676. From Aug. 11, the date "Operation Blue Wave" started, through Sep. 3, total crimes were just 423.

The push has been successful enough that St. Paul Police will keep it in place until at least mid-October. Police say the other parts of the city have not been left unprotected even though more resources have been placed on the East Side.

A spokesperson for St. Paul Police says there is a chance they could revisit "Operation Blue Wave" again next spring. There has not been a significant cost; St. Paul Police say this has all been accomplished with 80 percent straight time and about 20 percent overtime.