Yoga in Metro Schools: Calms Kids, Reduces Behavior Problems

Updated: 09/21/2013 12:07 PM By: Jessica Miles

A new program is showing promise when it comes to calming kids in the classroom, and it is resulting in fewer behavior issues.

It's called Yoga Calm, a specific type of yoga designed for students in schools.
At Sonnesyn Elementary School in New Hope, kids stretch and pose, breath and relax at least once a week for up to 45 minutes.

Students say they like it, and teachers and staff say they are noticing the benefits.

Greg Sicheneder is a social worker with the school, "I know some of the kids I am working with have seen fewer behavior referrals, they seem more focused, and for those kids with anxiety, I see them less anxious and more able to get their work done."

The Yoga Calm project is possible through a one year grant.

If things continue to show promise, the district may work to implement it in other schools.

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