Musel's Musings: Welcoming Bobby Jackson

Created: 09/06/2013 4:23 PM By: Ben Musel

Bobby Jackson is back in town. The former Gophers guard is replacing David Adelman as the player development coach for the Timberwolves. Jackson, notorious for his choice of long socks and a FInal Four appearance that never happened according to the history books, played for the Timberwolves while Flip Saunders was coach for two seasons and spent another five being coached by Rick Adelman in Sacramento. He also played another half-season under Adelman in Houston. It's safe to say that Jackson had a few connections.

Jackson was easily the best NBA player to come out of the Gophers' magical non-run to the Final Four in 1997. Quincy Lewis, Sam Jacobson and John Thomas were also drafted into the NBA, but none of them had a career anywhere near as long or illustrious as Jackson's. Sure, Jacobson won a championship with the Lakers, but Jackson played for over a decade in the league and made the playoffs in eight seasons totaling 58 games played.

That playoff experience and the notoriety that Jackson will bring to the table will be invaluable in his new position. He'll be especially helpful with guards Ricky Rubio, Alexey Shved and rookie guard/ forward Shabazz Muhammad.

Jackson’s service in Rick Adelman’s system will be impeccable. Now, the team can lean on someone other than forward Chase Budinger and newly signed guard Kevin Martin when attempting to learn the intricacies of what their head coach hopes to get out of them each and every game.

This is a great addition to the coaching staff and something that the fans in Minnesota can surely get behind.