Armstrong Opens up About 'Living a Lie'

Updated: 09/06/2013 5:18 PM By: Cassie Hart

Lance Armstrong is opening up and telling all about his drug use and his lies.

After his confession to doping, Armstrong lost his reputation, his endorsements, even Livestrong. He admits that he was living a lie, "you know it's interesting. Living a lie. I didn't live a lot of lies. But lived one big one. It’s different, I guess. Maybe it's not."

Armstrong said he even lied to the man who traveled with him day after day. Oscar winning filmmaker Alex Gibney traveled the world with Armstrong. He planned to make a feel good story about the champion. However that all changed and the film soon became a completely different story.
In the end, it’s now a personal documentary titled "The Armstrong Lie".
Armstrong talks about the races, the doping and the ups and downs of the career he left behind. "Life for me at the time was moving fast. Look at 2005 I had won seven tours in a row, I was engaged to a beautiful rock star but that all felt very normal to me," said Armstrong.

The documentary film won't be released until November.

Armstrong is facing more bad news. A judge ordered that he must finally testify under oath about exactly how he cheated. It’s part of a multi-million dollar civil suit. It sounds like Armstrong is ready to come clean in every way possible.