Study: Fans of Losing NFL Teams Eat More Calories the Next Day

Created: 09/09/2013 7:09 AM By: Jennie Olson

Photo: KSTP File Photo
Photo: KSTP File Photo

The Vikings’ loss yesterday may have fans eating more today.

A study found that people living in cities whose NFL teams lose on Sunday tend to eat more calories and fatty foods the following Monday.

Researchers found people in cities whose teams lost eat 16 percent more saturated fat and 10 percent more calories. People in cities whose team is victorious eat healthier. They actually take in 9 percent less saturated fat and 5 percent fewer calories.

“Instead of eating high-caloric, fattening, and sweet food in order to feel better, they can talk about the game,” Psychologist Joe Rock with the Cleveland Clinic said.

Complete findings for the study are available online in the journal Psychological Science.