Survey: 51 Pct. Say Vikings Stadium Deal Should be Revisited

Updated: 09/10/2013 7:30 AM By: Nick Winkler

A new KSTP-Survey USA poll indicates the Wilf family's behavior in connection with a 20-year old real estate fraud case in New Jersey is impacting sentiment in Minnesota.

On Monday, a judge ruled the Wilfs must disclose details about their wealth, though the judge will not unseal the documents in question until the Wilfs have a chance to appeal. The ruling comes after the judged decided the Wilf family cheated former business partners out of millions of dollars in a decades-old real estate deal.

Now, a majority of those surveyed say Gov. Mark Dayton and the legislature should have done more in terms of understanding the Wilf case in New Jersey.

A majority of Minnesotans polled also say the state should now renegotiate the stadium deal.

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