Questions Raised about MNsure Costs

Updated: 09/17/2013 7:35 PM By: Jay Kolls

The co-chair of the MNsure Oversight Committee surprised a group of doctors and nurses with comments about MNsure costs.

The Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition met with Senator Tony Lourey, (DFL), a few days ago to discuss MNsure and other health care issues. In that closed-door meeting was former lead attorney for the Minnesota Hospital Association David Feinwachs.

Feinwachs tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that he and the other 24 coalition members present heard Sen. Lourey tell them the HMOs that operate MNsure would dip into their excess reserve accounts, if need be, to cover possible shortfalls in the program.

Feinwachs says the entire group was concerned "because if MNsure is not sustainable with its current rates, then consumers will be asked to pay more in the near future to make sure it is profitable."

Feinwachs says covering losses with excess reserves means the current rates "are artificial and will not sustain MNsure in the long run." He says the MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee needs to make sure this does not happen to make sure MNsure rates stay the lowest in the country.

Lourey tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he did mention the excess reserve accounts being used by the HMOs, if needed. But, he does not think that will be needed. Sen. Lourey says this is a whole new program that will have to be watched closely. He does not foresee rate increases in the near future.

Lourey says, "The bottom line is we have a great program that expands health care coverage at very affordable rates that are not too high or low."

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