State Lawmaker Wants New Hearings on MN Medicaid Spending

Updated: 09/17/2013 1:03 PM By: Jay Kolls

A state senator wants more action out of Washington on the federal investigation into Medicaid spending in Minnesota. 

State Senator Sean Nienow, (R) Cambridge, sent a letter Monday to U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, (R) Iowa, urging him to open new hearings, with new evidence, into alleged mismanagement of billions of taxpayer dollars in the Minnesota Medicaid program.

Senator Nienow tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS "information in the state-approved, independent audit by the Segal Company shows Minnesota and the four health maintenance organizations that run Medicaid here have mislead the Federal government about Medicaid spending, resulting in a huge overpayment of taxpayers' money."

Senator Nienow sent the Segal audit to Senator Grassley, asking him to call for new hearings in Congress to "get to the bottom of this issue because the state spends $4 billion every year on Medicaid for low-income families and senior citizens."

Last year, Congress did hold hearings on the Minnesota Medicaid issue, and Nienow says that investigation and another investigation involving the Inspector General's Office are still in progress.

Senator Grassley's office tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the Senator is reviewing Nienow's letter and does not have an immediate comment until he is done reviewing its contents.