Terrance Franklin Family Attorney Alleges Cover-Up

Updated: 09/20/2013 12:34 PM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Terrance Franklin
Terrance Franklin

An attorney for a man shot and killed by Minneapolis police officers back in May believes the Hennepin County grand jury handed down a decision based on half the evidence.

The grand Jury cleared two Minneapolis police officers of any wrongdoing involving their roles in the shooting and killing of Terrance Franklin.

"The individual who we believe was the primary shooter in this situation has a significant track record with issues with African Americans," said Mike Padden, the attorney for the family of Terrance Franklin.

Secondly, why haven't the police interviewed a man named Jimmy Gaines? Padden says Gaines video-taped the event on his cell phone. 

"So, if they never interviewed him they certainly didn't engage in any attempt to enhance these images and those sounds," Padden said.

When KSTP Reporter Todd Wilson pressed him on whether Terrance Franklin grabbed an officer's gun, he says, "no way."
"Our position is that it never happened. If that happened he would have had to be suicidal; he wasn't suicidal," Padden said.

Padden says "dodgy investigation work" is what's going on in this investigation, not with the Hennepin County Attorney's Office but with the Minneapolis Police Department.

"We believe there was a cover up. So we believe when the entire evidence is presented it will show that," he said.

What's the next step in this case? Padden says he will ask for all the evidence. From there sometime next week he will hold a press conference to point out some of the evidence they have. He will then begin a civil lawsuit and at some point he will ask the Federal Government to investigate this case.