Roommate, Jeffery Trevino's Daughter Testify in Murder Trial

Updated: 09/20/2013 8:53 PM By: Kate Renner

Day two of the murder trial of Jeffery Trevino continued Friday.

Thirty-nine-year-old Trevino is accused of killing his wife, Kira Steger. The case drew a lot of attention after she went missing back in February; her body was found more than two months later in the Mississippi River.

Friday morning Kira Steger and Jeffery Trevino's roommate, Matthew Roff, finished his testimony. Roff said he was sleeping in the basement the night police allege Kira was killed by Jeffery.

Friday morning started with defense attorney John Conard cross-examining Matt Roff.

"If a murder happened in that house, your knowledge of it would be a critical fact. You must realize that?" questioned Conard. "Correct," said Roff.

The cross examination was a bit tense. The defense asked the roommate for specifics regarding the night and morning Kira Steger disappeared. But Roff had a difficult time recalling exact statements he made to police.

Up for question: Whether Steger's car was in the garage the morning after she disappeared? He couldn't remember. If Roff smelled cleaning supplies Friday evening when he came home from work? He said he didn't. And how much Roff could hear of upstairs from his basement bedroom the night of the alleged murder? He said he didn't hear anything. Roff claims he is a deep sleeper and didn't hear any noise coming from upstairs the night of Feb. 21.

Also on the stand, Friday, Jeffery Trevino's 15-year-old daughter, Taylor. She testified that in cold, dry weather she has nosebleeds 3-4 times a week as the defense tried to make a case that Taylor's blood could explain the suspicious stains found throughout the couple's house. However, Taylor also said she didn't recall ever having a nosebleed in the master bedroom, where investigators found blood matching Kira Steger's DNA.

The prosecution started showing surveillance video towards the end of the day. First, video of a car matching the description of Steger's white Chevy turning out of a gas station just after 2 a.m. the morning after she was last seen. Then, pictures at the Mall of America of Steger's car and the blood-stained car mat found in the West parking lot. Finally, surveillance photos of a figure walking out of the parking garage where Steger's car was found and around the mall to the cab stand.

Kira Steger's father, Jay Steger, told us he's, "in trial mode," and wants the weekend to go quickly so everyone can get back in the courtroom.

Opening statements from both the prosecution and defense were given Thursday morning. The prosecution said this was a case of "rage, jealousy and deception." Andrew Johnson, the prosecutor, painted their marriage as a failed one that came to an "abrupt and painful end."

Read the criminal complaint by clicking here. Warning there is graphic content.