Involvement of Minnesotans in Kenya Attack is Unclear

Updated: 09/23/2013 7:24 AM By: Jay Kolls

Dozens have died and hundreds were wounded in the massacre at a shopping mall in Kenya Saturday. And now, there are reports circulating that two of the attackers might be from Minnesota.

A Twitter message from a militant group called al-Shabab, from Somalia, posted the names of two young Somali men from the Twin Cities. The message said one is a 22-year-old from St. Paul and the other a 24-year-old from Minneapolis. The U.S. Government confirmed the attack was carried out by al-Shabab, but it has not confirmed that two of the attackers were from the Twin Cities.

Michael Rozin is a security professional. He works with places like the Mall of America and other commercial business owners in the Twin Cities to prevent scenes like the Kenya mall attack.

Rozin tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the "harsh reality is terrorists could be among us, receiving instructions right here, but there are things we can do to protect ourselves." Rozin says the key to stopping something like the Kenya massacre is to "get to the bad guys before they are on the doorstep of destruction."

Rozin says good police work and informants are the best way to get in front of the terrorists and stop them before they can act.

There have also been conflicting reports that the al-Shabab Twitter posting was just a hoax and the names on the list, including the two men from the Twin Cities, is not credible. That troubling question will likely be answered in the coming days.