On the Road: Boat with Unusual World War II History

Updated: 09/24/2013 11:10 AM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

Most people are aware that the Andersen Corporation is one of Minnesota's oldest and best-established maker of windows. But who knew that this company, which was established more than 110 years ago, is also the home of one of the most venerable watercraft in the state's history.

The wooden boat "Glengarry" was built by Hans Andersen in 1938 and still can be seen serenely cruising the St. Croix River every summer.

For it's entire career, the Glengarry has been used as a floating corporate retreat carrying lucky clients and employees on sedate cruises up and down the St. Croix.

Its finest hour was a memorable occasion during World War II when the ship was called up by the government for a surprising duty. The "Glengarry" was stationed in the Mississippi River in St. Paul to watch for German submarines that had the effrontery to try and attack the Twin Cities.