Lawsuit Filed over Requiring Rearview Cameras in Cars

Updated: 09/26/2013 7:40 AM By: Leslie Dyste

There is a legal fight over backup cameras in vehicles that safety experts say could reduce deadly accidents.

Back in 2008, Congress called for a rule to be implemented by 2011 that would require the technology in new cars. Two years later, the Department of Transportation is issuing a recommendation, not a rule.

According to, 45 percent of 2012 cars have backup cameras.

Three advocacy groups and two parents who accidentally backed over their children are suing. They're wondering why many vehicles don't have the technology after Congress said new cars should be required to have the equipment.

Jason Marisam, assistant law professor at Hamline University, says the Department of Transportation has delayed the change for a reason. He says the department is saying they need more time to study the new technology, and the change could cost auto makers billions.