Chanhassen's Ragnow Combines Passion, Talent, Positive Attitude

Updated: 09/26/2013 3:25 PM By: Chris Long

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He's going to have the chance to play college football anywhere he wants, but you get the impression Chanhassen star lineman Frank Ragnow would have fun playing football anywhere, anytime.

"I love it, yeah," Ragnow chuckles.

Scouting services rank him among the top two or three players in the state at any position, and among the most coveted offensive linemen in the nation.

If you get a chance to talk with Ragnow, it becomes quickly apparent he's a very different kind of top-level prospect.

You'd think every player being scouted by major college programs shares Ragnow's enthusiasm for the game, but it's just not the case.

"He loves football," Chanhassen coach Bill Rosburg says of his star lineman. "You can't say that about every high profile player. Some just don't."

It's a combination of passion for the sport along with a 6'5" frame and elite talent that have programs from Minnesota to Alabama to Notre Dame to Florida State pining for Ragnow's commitment.

Once again, contrary to some players who get bogged down and bothered by the recruiting game, Ragnow is enjoying every moment of it.

"I can see how kids get bothered," Ragnow admits. "But It's pretty cool talking to schools. I visited Alabama - so you talk national championships - or having (Minnesota Gophers) Coach (Jerry) Kill call just to talk to you."

It's almost as if he's looking for someone to pinch him to assure him he's not dreaming.

"Being able to talk to these coaches… they're legends," Ragnow says. "These living legends are taking time out to talk to you? I'm gonna enjoy it as much as I can."

To that end, he's in no hurry to make a decision where he'll accept an offer.

"I want to know soon," Ragnow says, but then shrugs off a question if he's feeling any pressure to make a pick

"When it comes to me, I'll narrow it down then go from there, I guess," he says.

Coach Rosburg admits he's enjoying sharing the experience with Ragnow.

"It takes a lot for us old guys to get excited," Rosburg says. "But to sit with some D-1 coaches and hear that their message is similar to ours - there's no magic, just the fundamentals of hard work and discipline  are cornerstones of their programs as well -  that's the cool part for us."

Most blue chippers playing in the state's larger class schools tend to stick to a single position to boost both their focus and college appeal.  It's another example how Ragnow is an atypical elite prospect. 

Heralded as an offensive tackle, he still plays on the Chanhassen defensive line as well.

"He'll help either side of the football," Rosburg says. "He can lead in both situations.  If he ends up playing offense in college, the defensive side is a perspective for him that will help him."

Being on the field nearly every play, Ragnow is a focus of opposing coordinators.  Defenses have to contain him, while offenses have to avoid him.

...or at least try to.

Plenty of top-level players at every level of football get frustrated when opponent scheme specifically against them.

Not Frank.

"I love it," he insists. "It makes me better and it helps the team out.  If more guys focus on me it opens up for other guys. The better the competition the better I get."

You get the point.  Ragnow is as refreshing an elite-level player as you'll ever come across.

What about being called out by coaches when he makes mistakes?  Nobody likes that, right?

Frank does.

"In film the other day, I made like three tackles but every single tackle I got yelled at for because I didn't have the right technique," he explains. "I love that about the coaches. They won't let me get off for anything."

Ragnow's modesty and positive disposition is truly remarkable.

But, don't be fooled, he intends to leave his mark.

"I want to look back," he admits, "I want to be known as one of the best players that ever stepped on the field in Minnesota."