Local Golf Courses Recovering From Late Spring Start

Updated: 09/27/2013 7:20 AM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Weather plays a huge part in Minnesota's golf season.

Spring of 2013 turned out to be a disappointment for most golfers, but as we head into fall business is picking up.

In the month of April, 20 out of 30 days, had rain or snow. In May, 23 out of 31 days, had showers and snowfall. June had mostly rain, with 18 out of 30 days.

Alan Cull is the General Manager of TPC Golf Course in Blaine. He says, business was bad. He says, even the summer months were a bit wet. But everything changed in August, they are back to normal for the season. "We've seen a nice 4 to 5 percent uptick to last year," he said.

The results for other golf courses are mixed. For St. Paul's four public courses through the end of August, they are down 17 percent in rounds and 15 percent in revenue.

Minneapolis' five championship golf courses from September of 2012 to September of 2013, rounds are up 1,250.

Hazeltine National Golf Club says from April 1 to May 31, 2012 they had 4,800 rounds. Over the same time period this year, they had 2,800. Overall Hazeltine is down 5 percent.

In the end each course pretty much said the same thing, "It's tough to catch up when you are starting out that far behind."

A lot of links are extending their seasons. Most courses won't know how the year went until they close. But in speaking with the St. Paul Park and Recreation Department, they already know they will finish in the red.