Judge: Closing Arguments Expected Tuesday in Jeffery Trevino Murder Trial

Updated: 09/27/2013 2:49 PM KSTP.com By: Katherine Johnson

Judge Leonardo Castro laid out a timeline at the end of day six in Jeffery Trevino's murder trial. He said closing arguments and deliberation is currently slated for Tuesday, leaving just several days left.

The Steger family tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they're ready to have a proper funeral for their daughter, Kira Steger, once investigators release her body and belongings back to them at the end of the trial.

Day six of Jeffrey Trevino's murder trial wrapped after a BCA investigator testified she couldn't match anyone's DNA to the evidence collected from the couple's St. Paul home. However, she did find blood evidence on one of Trevino's shoes.  Although it was mixed, she testified the DNA was "predominant of Kira and didn't match anyone else in the house."

One of the biggest questions left as the trial starts winding to a close - will Jeffery Trevino testify? The judge ordered the defense must give an answer by Monday afternoon.