Burnsville Police Confirm Fears of Anarae Schunk's Family

Updated: 09/28/2013 6:32 PM KSTP.com By: Beth McDonough

The family of Anarae Schunk got the worst kind of news Friday night. 

For seven long days, they held out hope that she might be hiding out, afraid of her ex-boyfriend. But Burnsville Police Officers dashed those hopes, telling her family there's no doubt the 20-year-old is dead.

Her family didn't want to talk on-camera, but off-camera their pain is raw.

The words on the Facebook page created to find Schunk revealed to the public, what her family simply couldn't, "Anarae is no longer with us."

In a statement from Burnsville police, they take it a step further admitting they "recovered additional evidence" leading them to believe Schunk was killed. What that evidence is, or where they found it, they're not saying.

Schunk was a junior at the University of Minnesota, studying sociology. 

She was last seen leaving Nina's Grill in Burnsville with a man she once dated: Shavelle Oscar Chavez-Nelson, 31, and his current girlfriend, Ashley Conrade, 24, after a shooting Sept. 22. Nelson and another man got into a fight, bullets won out over words. The other man, Palagor Jobi, 23, was killed in the shooting.

Authorities say Chavez-Nelson, Conrade and Schunk got into the same car and headed to Conrade's townhome in Rosemount. That's where the trail ends for Schunk.

While prosecutors charged Nelson, who has a long history of crime, with murder; and Conrade with aiding an offender for the shooting death back at the bar, "Neither Ms. Conrade or Mr. Nelson have given police any information on the whereabouts of Anarae Schunk," says Dakota County Prosecutor James Backstrom.

Chavez-Nelson and Schunk dated for a couple of months last year, Schunk's brother told KSTP. She met with Chavez-Nelson recently again and was trying to, "help him get his life back on track," her brother said.

Her family now knows she's not alive. They're tormented by the unknowns: how and why. They're leaving Schunk's Facebook page up for "Anarae and all she stands for."

Police emphasize Schunk's body has not been found. They're doggedly searching for it, for the sake of Schunk's family and the prosecution. Which means, another murder charge could be filed in the case.

If you have information about the location of Anarae Schunk call the Burnsville police tip line at 952-895-4636.