Race Horse Tries Out for Roofing Job

Updated: 09/26/2013 12:16 PM KSTP.com By: Networx

Photo: jade/morguefile.comRace horses are notorious for being high-spirited, easily bored, and easily frustrated. Thoroughbreds have been carefully bred through the centuries for speed, grace, and power. Not patience and a fondness for down time, even in retirement.

So I'm not terribly surprised to hear that Must Win, a colt owned by Canadian residents Pat and Stephen Downey, got bored one day and decided to climb up on the roof. He was left all alone without his usual company, and clearly, that wasn't to his taste, so he got curious about the wider world. Fortunately he didn't injure himself up there and a handler was able to get him down safely. The area around the building has since been fenced to deter any other curious equines.

My question is: was he bored, or was he actually just considering a change of career? He might want to talk to some Chicago roofers about his future job options...

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