COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Rain Playstation Network Review

Updated: 10/04/2013 6:00 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment just released “Rain” on the Playstation Network, and I got the opportunity to play it.

“Rain” is a very unique puzzle game, and it is a lot of fun to play.

You play as boy who is woken up one night by the rain.  He looks out his window and sees the image of a little girl outside.  She is invisible, but when she is in the rain, you can see her outline.  The boy goes outside and realizes that he too is invisible and can only be seen when he is standing in the rain.  He chases after the girl but is not able to catch up with her.  The boy soon discovers that there are monsters that are after the little girl and also him.

The monsters can see the boy when he is standing in the rain, but if he goes under an awning or inside a building, he is invisible and they cannot see him.  However, the same goes for the monsters. 

The object of “Rain” is to try and figure out how to get past all of the monsters in each level and to try and catch up with the mysterious girl in the rain.

I thought the story was very simple, but yet very interesting.  The whole time you are playing you want to know who is this girl, who are these monsters and why are you here.

Playing “Rain” is like looking at an amazing painting that comes to life right in front of your eyes.

The graphics are amazing.  Everything is so detailed, from the monsters to all of the backgrounds.  The game really gives you a gloomy sad feeling because it’s raining all the time and the story takes place at night.  There are a lot of shadows and dark places.  The lighting in the game is magnificent.

The sound effects are excellent, and you really get the feel you are in the rain.  It sounds great when you are walking in puddles and you can hear the splashing perfectly and also when you are walking on the sidewalks. The sound of your feet hitting the cement is pretty cool.

The music in “Rain” is fantastic.  It is just instrumental music, and it really sets the mood of the game.

Another neat feature about “Rain” is that the story appears as words in the game as you play.  You will be walking along the sidewalk and then all of a sudden text will appear saying something like “The boy has discovered some strange creatures.”  Then, as you move along, the text will disappear and more text will appear on the screen.  I really liked this and thought it was neat.

The controls for “Rain” are extremely simple and easy to learn.  You have a jump button, a run button, and an interact button.  You use the left analog stick to move the boy.

While you are playing and you need a hint to figure out what you need to do next, you can push the select button and text will come on the screen telling you what you need to do to get past an area.

I really thought that some of the puzzles were challenging and were very clever. 
One of the things that you need to keep in mind while playing is that the boy is invisible when he is under something and not in the rain.  You can see his wet footsteps so you can see where you are.  You can run through puddles, and the noise will attract monsters.  They will come over by the puddle to see what the noise was. 

Overall, I thought Sony Computer Entertainment’s “Rain” was a great game.  The story is very interesting, the controls were easy to learn, and the puzzles were very challenging to figure out.  I also thought the graphics and sound were amazing.  If you like puzzle games or are looking for a fun and challenging game then you should check out “Rain.”

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