Project MNsure: Affordable Care Act Affects Small Businesses

Updated: 10/02/2013 7:43 AM By: Tom Hauser

Small businesses with fewer than 50 employers can either buy health insurance through MNsure, Minnesota's new health care exchange, or send their employees there to buy it on their own. 

Larger companies, even those with just over 50 full-time employees, are now required to provide insurance for employees or pay fines. The Affordable Care Act also mandates these companies provide insurance that meets certain minimum standards that limits the share of the monthly premiums employees have to pay. 

In our third installment of "Project MNsure," we profile a fast-growing small company in Minnesota that prides itself on paying 100 percent of employee health insurance premiums.  The company CEO says health care reform mandates mean his employees might soon have to start sharing the cost.

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