Local Magician Engineers Halloween Attraction Scream Town

Updated: 10/04/2013 5:22 PM KSTP.com By: Heidi Enninga

Autumn in Minnesota can be very beautiful, but just outside Chaska, it's about to get ugly.

Friday is opening day for Scream Town, a scary, Halloween experience in its sixth year.

Matt Dunn now makes his living as a magician, but Scream Town, something he started in his parent's house when he was younger, has become big business as well.

Scream Town gets bigger every year, and Dunn said two bonus attractions, "Abandon" and "Meltdown Detector 666" have been completely redesigned for the opening.

"It's a passion," Dunn said. "We have to think about the dollar, but at the same time, we really think about the quality. We want people to come out here and say 'wow.'"

The attraction is open for 13 days this season and tickets start at $20.