Recent Government Shutdown Could Hurt Seasonal Jobs

Updated: 10/07/2013 6:42 PM By: Todd Wilson

Alissa Hoff is the owner of "Creative Hair Design" in Rosedale Center. She says, over the last couple of years her business has gone up 10 percent over the holiday shopping season. So right about now is when she starts looking seasonal help.

"Currently we're looking on Indeed and Craigslist for some part-time help. Basically we're looking for anywhere from 15 hours up to 30 hours depending on the number of employees, that could be one to three employees just at a part time level," Hoff said.

University of St. Thomas marketing professor, Dave Brennan says, Minnesota is back to where it was in terms of employment. Specifically he is talking about seasonal employment levels before the 2008 recession.

He says, nationally 2008 was a really bad year for retail with only 350,000 people hired for seasonal work, in 2012, 750,000 were hired, this year the forecast is for about 700,000 jobs. He says, there are a number of factors for the low estimate.

"Is essentially the uncertainty associated with the economy right now, facing in terms of the federal shut down and then in terms of October 17th, a possibility of not making our debt payments," Brennan said.

Brennan says, if that happens interest rates and unemployment could rise and that could make consumers spend less.

"And those holiday employment deals they may not meet fruition of roughly 700,000 jobs," he said.

Hoff says, she's keeping a positive outlook on things this holiday season. "People want to look good and feel good during the holiday season," Hoff said.

So what are employers looking for in season workers hands down, they say it's reliability. They need people who are going to show up and work hard.

At Rosedale, Claires and Abercrombie & Fitch are also hiring. So if you have a favorite store, now is the time to call for an application.