Gov’t Shutdown Keeps Family from Creating Benefit Fund

Updated: 10/08/2013 7:38 AM By: Cassie Hart

The government shutdown is impacting a Minnesota family in a way you probably never would have guessed. Thirty-one-year-old Wade Souster was hit by a car sometime early last Thursday morning near the intersection of Phalen Boulevard and Atlantic Street. The driver has not been found.     
Meanwhile, Souster is in a coma in the hospital and his family can't set up a benefit for him because they need information from the IRS, which is closed.

Souster remains in the hospital. Sandy Romero, Wade’s mom, says it’s hard to look at. “He'll try to squeeze my fingers, but I got to put my fingers inside his hands," said Romero.

Souster was hit by a car and left for dead last week; he now has a significant brain injury, multiple face fractures and bruising of the lungs. He's also on a ventilator to help him breath.

"We’re devastated; we don't understand, but at the same time we just want answers," Wade’s cousin, Angie Hammerlindl, said.

Souster was only two or three blocks from his house when police say a dark-colored car hit him. Police say Souster may have been waiting for help for nearly an hour.

"We have no idea how long he was just left on the side of the road, and I think that's what hurts us is that he was just left," Hammerlindl said.

Souster has minimal insurance. His close-knit family and friends want to help but have hit a road block because of the government shutdown.

"As many phone calls as I have made, even the banks don't know what to do because we are in a weird situation; with the government shutdown, I need a little number to get the help he needs," Hammerlindl said.

His family has reached out to the passerby who found him. "We just want to hug them, thank them for calling because obviously the person who hit him didn't stop," Sandy said.

They have a message for the driver and are asking they turn themself in.

They're also asking for prayers and answers, knowing Souster has a long road ahead of him.

Police are asking body shops to look for a vehicle with damage to the front driver's side. Anyone with information can call 651-266-5722.