Report: Mississippi River Has Poor Water Quality in Metro

Updated: 10/08/2013 3:09 PM By: Maricella Miranda

Mississippi River
Mississippi River
Photo: File Photo: MGN Online

A water quality report of the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities shows poor water quality, according to the report's findings released Tuesday.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency released the water quality monitoring and assessment report for the Mississippi River-Twin Cities Watershed.

Due to the density of industry, housing and roads, lakes and streams in the watershed are showing signs of stress, such as high levels of bacteria and nutrients, eroding stream banks, and loss of sensitive aquatic species, according to the agency.

The Mississippi River-Twin Cities Watershed encompasses a large portion of the metro. The watershed is home to more than 1.8 million people across 99 cities, more than 500 species of wildlife and fish, and numerous kinds of aquatic invertebrates.

Additional highlights of the report can be found here.

According to Glenn Skuta, MPCA water monitoring manager, work is already under way to address these issues. Minnesotans can help reduce water pollution by cleaning up pet waste, making sure septic systems are up to date, reducing the use of deicers, planting rain gardens or using rain barrels, minimizing application of lawn fertilizers, and cleaning up grass clippings and leaves from paved areas.

The report is one of about 80 being developed over the next decade by the MPCA for Minnesota's major watersheds.