'Airplane Boy' Could be Tied to Recent Truck Theft

Updated: 10/09/2013 7:29 AM KSTP.com By: Tom Durian

Minneapolis business owner Mei Dang believes her truck may have been stolen by the 9-year old-boy who snuck onto a Delta flight to Las Vegas without a ticket and his parents.

Dang says her United Noodles delivery truck was stolen right out of the parking lot of her business last Tuesday. Now as the pieces of the puzzle are put together she believes the suspect could be the same kid who flew to Las Vegas without a ticket.

She says surveillance video shows the suspect "came in from the gate. He got in the truck. He was just driving the truck like driving a game--made a couple of turns in the parking lot and then hit a post."

The truck then took off, and it wasn't long before police were chasing it. Police reports say witnesses identified the driver as a kid.

Nearly 10 miles away from United Noodles, the truck crashed into an Edina Police car that had joined the chase. The driver was identified as a 9-year-old boy at the crash scene, which was located at 56th Street West and Queen Avenue South.

Spokespersons for Minneapolis and Edina Police and the Minnesota State Patrol could not confirm or deny if the child was the same as the 9-year-old who flew to Vegas. The vehicle pursuit happened two days before a 9-year-old child flew to Las Vegas from Minneapolis without a ticket or parents.

There was a court hearing in Las Vegas for the boy, however we are told the boys' parents did not show up for it.

The boy remained in protective custody in Vegas Tuesday night.