Proposed Retail Development Spurs Heated Debate in Kasson

Updated: 10/08/2013 9:37 PM By: Cassie Hart

There is a heated fight in a small town west of Rochester over a proposed development.

KSTP's sister station KAAL-TV reports dozens of people showed up at a public meeting on Monday night in Kasson after residents learned a 30,000 square foot retail center could replace their neighborhood park

The city is considering a proposal to allow contractors to buy the park, and possibly a couple of homes, for retail space. One homeowner became really furious.

"We are willing to give you ‘X’ amount of dollars for your property, which by the way is $7,000 less than the estimated market value," Kasson resident Carl David Zomok said he was told by the developers when they were at his door step.

He also had some choice words for developers. "Because I live right there I am not going to have my land devalued by some god d***, piece of s*** store here,” said Zomok.

The city administrator says the contractor wants that spot because of the traffic.

The proposal still hasn't made it to a city council meeting yet.