On the Road: Minnesota's Oddities

Updated: 10/09/2013 4:40 PM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

Winter or summer, north, south, east or west, there's always something interesting, odd or unusual going on around Minnesota.

Two elderly brothers in Iowa never married and ran their farm for their whole lives. During the long winter months the two old bachelors kept themselves quietly busy carving elaborate wooden clocks. When they died, they willed their incredible creations to the local town and they still can be seen there to this day.

Spillville, Iowa, is the proud owner of the display of clocks that are so unique that in the 1920s Henry Ford offered to buy one for a million dollars. The two proud and talented Bily brothers turned him down.

Residents of south central Minnesota must have thought they were seeing things one bright summer’s day when they spotted a complete country church trundling down the highway. The Lake Covenant Church was being moved, lock, stock, altar and organ from where it had stood for a 100 years to a new location. It is now bound for a new life as a center for women.

If you look around the rural area just south of Park Rapids, Minnesota you might find Cliff Kimball hard at work cutting up huge timbers on his hand-built sawmill. The man is a retiree who never seems to rest. He has been a fixture in the area for a very long, time. Cliff has been supplying local residents with custom-cut lumber, literally, for generations. This dynamo of a guy is a very youthful 90 years old.

Minnesotans are renowned for making the very best of winter. It's common for families to get out in the ice and snow, and of course, there is the universal love of ice fishing.

Now a Minnesotan entrepreneur has provided the ultimate in facilities for those who long to spend the day, or night, out on the frozen lake sitting over a hole. It's a fully stocked bar and grill set up for the winter on a central Minnesota lake to provide beer and eats to local fishermen, and women. There are even holes in the floor of the bar so they can keep on fishing.