Child Behavior Problems? Ask for Help

Updated: 10/10/2013 7:24 AM By: Josh Rosenthal

Hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles drive up 12th Street in Minneapolis every day. That includes a white truck, caught on a security camera by a local business last Tuesday. Judging by the time stamp, it's about the same time police say a 9-year-old boy stole a truck, meaning the truck -- likely had a 9-year-old behind the wheel.

"It's a kid who is testing his boundaries, seeing what he can and can't get away with," explained Clinical Psychologist Colleen Morrissette, who works for Psychology Consultation Specialists in Plymouth. She says parents who have concerns about their child's behavior should seek help.

Two good places to start are at your pediatricians office or at school.

"It's asking for help," she said, "I mean that's the biggest thing."

Morrissette says there's always someone out there who can help. That's even when there are limitations like time constraints, the stigma of mental health, and insurance coverage.

As she mentioned, "there's always someone. You know if I don't take someone's insurance, I give them a list of therapists that take their insurance."

That brings us back to the nine-year-old. Whether he's behind the wheel of the truck in the security footage or not, Morrissette says if he gets help now -- he could quickly be on the road to recovery.

"He has a chance," she said. "I think everybody has a chance whether you catch them in adulthood or as a child, but you know, I think there's a way to turn it around. Absolutely."

If insurance is what's stopping you from seeking help for your child, Morrissette recommends contacting non-profit organizations which might be able to point you in the right direction.